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ApparelAppeal™ Fashion Consulting & Color Analysis

People develop their first impressions of you the moment you walk into the room, before you've even said a word. Studies indicate that all this happens in a matter of a few seconds. What you wear plays a major role in this. It will either make you look impressive, vibrant, young and healthy — or dull, tired and even sickly or old.

All of us — men and women alike — have been in situations like these where we want or need to look good and impress others:

  • On a job interview
  • At work, meetings with clients, etc.
  • Conferences, industry fairs, etc.
  • On that special date
  • On an evening out
  • Full list of these and more

What can you do? Make your clothes your strongest suit!

The first step in improving your image is to understand why we sometimes choose what we choose.

We are all influenced in varying degrees by what's around us. The fashion industry, color theories like the popular Season theory, and store salespeople present a jumble of tips and advice, much of which can be confusing, misleading or irrelevant. Read about some common shopping pitfalls here.

It's no wonder why most people — more than 80%! — end up making unflattering choices.

A Better Color Profilecolorful caftans spread on table

Prompted largely by these shortcomings, we at ApparelAppeal have devised a different and original approach that won't confuse you but will bring out the best in you. Guided by our painstaking observations and analysis as well as by the science and art of color, we have developed our colorful caftans to help determine the best Color Profile for you. This can be especially useful when you meet with us personally, whether individually or in a group. tiny ladybug

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