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ApparelAppeal's History

Our fascination with clothes and colors that look good dates back about ten or fifteen years, but initially, we ourselves were frustrated by how difficult it was to find good advice in choosing the right clothes and colors. Ironically, that lack of good advice was what forced us to look for something better.

We experimented with colors, patterns and fabrics. We also learned from our experience in running a small family business in costume jewelry and clothing. But reading about the science and psychology of colors exposed us to a whole new world. Everything suddenly began to make more sense. It was then that we saw what some image and fashion consultants had claimed was "scientific", was to a large extent not true.

What was until now just a hobby turned into a serious scientific and artistic pursuit. A kind of magical synthesis of inspiration and perspiration evolved into a comprehensive theory of color analysis. It also resulted in the design and creation of our special "caftans" of various colors.

Having come so far, it became more and more clear to us why we never felt satisfied by the advice given on TV and in magazines by the fashion world. It no longer surprises us to see celebrities, TV personalities, CEOs, senators, etc., look so unimpressive, even though in all likelihood they have easy access to all kinds of image consultants. We're convinced that most people can look much better than the way they do now.

Our belief in the soundness of our system has encouraged us to create this site. We hope that a service such as this will benefit people from all walks — and catwalks? — of life. It doesn't matter whether they are women or men, yellow, white, black, red or brown!

About Us

Rajul Parekh and Hasmukh Parekh have jointly developed the RajHans system of color analysis. It is completely different from other theories.

For several years, Rajul worked with internationally renowned industrial designer Eva Zeisel, while actively performing as an opera singer.

Her father Hasmukh (Hans) is a psychiatrist with an interest in colors and psychology. tiny ladybug

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